Call Centre agent

Call Centre Agent

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Answer inbound or internally transferred telephone calls, evaluate the caller’s assistance needs, take ownership of the problem and co-ordinate an appropriate solution to the problem presented using either internal or external resources.


  • Minimum Grade 12 or equivalent NQF level 4


  • No job experience needed
  • Computer Literacy




  • Ensure continuity of service delivery by answering all incoming calls timeously and professionally as per agreed client protocols and contractual agreements.
  • Effective and professional call attendance within required call duration service level criteria
  • Analyse the nature of assistance requested or further action required
  • Log all the relevant details accurately and complete all relevant fields on the required system based on the client’s request and information
  • Log all calls accurately via the Telephony account code platform or on other platforms used.
  • Identify, implement and coordinate appropriate solutions
  • Summarize and collate case related communications in the case register
  • Immediately act upon any omissions or service failures identified during the course of the case management.
  • Escalate possible complaints to the Supervisor, Manager without delay
  • Manage expectations by communicating the workflow effectively
  • Warm transfer caller to emergency services with no delay


Communicating with impact- Creates agreed shared meaning.Planning- Setting goals and identifying the most appropriate means/ path of attaining them.Make It Happen- Ensure plans are executed and objectives are met.Information Processing- Use information to create meaning and understanding.Written Communication- Produce clearly understandable documents.Self-efficacy- Takes accountability and deliberately pursues personal growth.Client Orientation- Anticipating and addressing client needs.Resilience- Remain buoyant despite setbacks, disappointments, and /excessively stressful situations.


Closing Date:      31 August 2021


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