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Call for internships

The South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) is executing the Ecological Infrastructure for Water Security (EI4WS) Project, a five-year, multi-stakeholder project to unlock development finance to secure ecological infrastructure for water security in two critical catchments. SANBI executes the project together with DWS and other partners, with funding from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and implemented through the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) with DEFF as the national focal point.

The EI4WS Project supports building skills and capacity in various ways, including by bringing young South Africans from previously disadvantaged backgrounds together with experienced biodiversity professionals to learn, grow and eventually gain the competence and confidence to embark on rewarding and meaningful biodiversity careers.

The South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) is pleased to announce a call for applications in the Policy Advice, Information and Management (PAIM) Division for incubation in the following fields:

FieldPlacementMinimum qualification
GIS / Remote Sensing / Statistical EcologyPretoria x 1Worcester x 1Cape Town x 1Honours degree in Biological or Geographical Sciences (with GIS / Remote Sensing / Statistical Ecology)
Integrated Water Resources ManagementWorcester x 1Masters degree Environmental Engineering, Water Resources Management, Geographical Sciences
Ecological InfrastructurePietermaritzburg x 4Honours degree in Environmental Management / Natural Sciences/ Social  Sciences
Biodiversity finance                      Cape Town x 2Masters degree in Social Science / Public Policy / Resource  Economics
Biodiversity mainstreamingPretoria x 1Honours degree in Environmental Management / Natural Sciences / Social Sciences (with Science Communication)
Project ManagementPretoria x 2Honours degree in Public Administration/ Business Administration/Project Management
Honours degree in Environmental Management/Natural Sciences/Social Sciences


Candidates must be enthusiastic and have a keen interest in biodiversity conservation, environmental management and sustainable development.

People with disabilities are also encouraged to apply.

Internship monthly stipend values (no other benefits apply as these are internship positions)

  • Bachelors completed (or equivalent to NQF 7): R7 260.00
  • Honours completed (or equivalent to NQF 8): R8 580.00
  • Masters completed (or equivalent to NQF 9): R9 900.00

Candidates holding higher qualifications than the ones stated in the above fields may apply, however only remuneration stated per field will be applicable.

Application procedure

Each application is to be accompanied by a standard application cover sheet.

Applications are to include a letter of interest (indicate the reason why you should be considered for the internship); full CV; certified copies of highest qualification/academic record/transcript; and ID (certification as a true copy should not be older than six months). Send all documents to [email protected]   with “EI4WS internships” in the subject line.

Contact details

Ms Rene du Toit [email protected]

Application cover sheet

Closes: Friday, 4 June 2021
Duration: 01 August 2021- 31 March 2023
Location: Cape Town, Pietermaritzburg, Pretoria, Worcester

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