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The Railway safety Regulator invite unemployed graduate to apply to apply for an internship programme for the 2020/21 financial period.The internship will run for period of 12months and is open to graduates under the age of 35 years.

Closing date:12 June 2020

Internship provider:Railway safety Regulator

Location:Waterfall,Midrand head office

The purpose of internship programme is to offer practical experience to undergraduates in possessionof National Diploma or Degree of any of the following field,however ,a post graduate qualification will be advantageous.
*Human Resorces Management
*Information and communication Technology
*Grafic designing
*Financial Accounting or Supply chain management *Legal/LLB
*Internal audit

Application must be accompanied by detailed carriculum vitae,a cover letter with three refeers and certified copies of identity documents and qualification (please provide the SAQA acreditation in the case of foreign qualifications).

KINDLY NOTE:application may only be submitted by email to: [email protected]

Late Application will not be be considered .

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