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In this 18 month programme you will be responsible for finalising and confirming the Quality Management Training (QMT) maturity level management schedule (component level) with cloverleaf/ Simultaneous Engineering team/CLQ (Commodity Leader Quality).

Leadership Development Programme You will provide active participation and preventive quality work in the SE/BE teams (Simultaneous Engineering/ common parts development teams) and in the field at the suppliers’ premises.

Qualifications and Experience

You should have: BSc Mechanical/Quality Engineering (and or equivalent) (Master’s degree preferred)

At least 1 year of relevant work experience (e.g internships,training, initial professional experience within a technical environment up to a maximum of 2-3 years professional working experience.

At least 4 months of relevant experience abroad (e.g studies, practical experience, work and travel. Initiative, personal accountability, willingness to change, team spirit and self reflection.

Readiness for an international career



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